Accomodation and Transportation


Participants who will present papers at the symposium will stay in double rooms at Aksaray Teacher’s Lodge for a reduced price. The fees per person are given below:

1 Night ($ 8)
2 Nights ($ 16)
3 Nights ( $ 24)
4 Nights ( $ 32)
Participants who want to stay alone can book a room on the condition that they will pay the price difference (+ $15 per night)

Contact for Accommodation:

Hilmi Can Turan
[email protected]


There is no direct transport to Aksaray by air. The nearest airport is in Nevşehir (70km), from where you can reach Aksaray by Havaş shuttles.
Turkish Airlines and Pegasus Airlines also operate flights frequently to Ankara (225 km), Konya (150 km), Kayseri (155 km) and Adana (255 km) from where you can take bus services to Aksaray.

Participants are responsible for their transportation to the residence in Aksaray. The organizing board of the symposium is responsible for transportation from the residence to symposium building in the mornings and evenings.

Contact for Transportation:

Ress. Asst. Uğur ÜLGEN
[email protected]